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What is Home Staging?
Getting the home prepared so it can appeal to a variety of potential buyers. By staging, it will highlight your home’s best features. Simple steps such as furniture placement, lighting, new fresh colour on the walls will help highlight the home’s best attributes. Creating that first memorable impression for the homebuyer, will help sell your home in the shortest amount of time.

Does Home Staging work?
It’s been proven that most home buyers want a move-in ready home. The less work the home buyer has to do the better. Nowadays, most of us are very busy. A staged home feels to the home buyer like way less work. The home buyer will even spend more money on the purchase of a home because it feels and looks move-in ready. Keeping in mind most homebuyers make a decision within the first few minutes walking through the home. They need to envision the space as theirs, not yours. By creating a neutral and clear space, they will be able to feel like its already theirs, their dream home.

Why hire a Home Staging Certified Professional?

csp-faqThe ultimate result is to sell your home and maximize the value of your investment. As a Certified Professional Stager, I work with a code of ethics that are very important to me. Every home is unique and we will help you bring out the best features of your home. Your home will stand out no matter the age or style. We will make it fresh and inviting.

Why Choose Us?
We are friendly and professional. We want to help you make the process of staging simple, so your transition goes as smooth as possible. And most of all, get the most value for your home. We will work with your budget and find creative ways to make your home pop to any home buyer. We can help minimize the flaws of the property also maximize the space by using the right furniture placement. We will create a warm and inviting space that flows from room to room.


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