Staging Done Simply

Our process is simple. First we consult. Then we stage.

Our Process

We start with the consultation. We will walk through the home, take photos and complete a written consultation report which will have all the items we recommend to be done in order to stage the home. This report will include a checklists of items such as repairs/renovation assessment, cleaning, decluttering advice, paint colour choices, furniture placement, accessories, art and lighting.

We will ensure the report is done on site, this process takes about one to four hours. It will depend of the size and the condition of the home. If you are planning on doing the staging yourself, we would be happy to walk through the home with you so you know exactly what needs to be done. We will write it down to ensure all recommendations and steps are included.

If you choose for us to do the staging, we will still complete the checklist, to ensure you know what items you will complete and what items we the stagers need to complete. This will help all of us to ensure all task items are assigned and who needs to complete them.

When all the work is completed, the property is ready to be staged. If you have decided for us to stage the property, we will require one day about 4 to 6 hours. Sometimes we may need to come back the next day of something needed to be added last minute which will not be more than an hour.

There are 2 types of staging

Occupied Staging: Means staging a property using mostly existing furnishings. We may need to bring in additional accessories (pillows, art, etc.) and furnishings (accent chair etc.). You can either rent from us or you can purchase the items yourself or with our help.

Vacant Staging: Means we will stage and supply all the furniture and accessories for an unoccupied home.

What are the costs?

Cost of staging will vary from home to home as each home is unique. Staging a property with existing furnishings will be less than a vacant property. The cost will all depend on what needs to be done with the property. We provide a personalized quote for each property. Let’s get started!!

From Curb Appeal to Simple Interior Staging

Get the most for your property by staging your home. Our method is proven and cost-effective. Get sold faster and for more.

Interior Staging

  • Decluttering and Organizing – We identify what should stay and what needs to be packed away for future use.
  • Repair and Renovation Assessment – We determine only the areas that need repair and updating.
  • Paint and Colour Consultation – We’ll assess your home and determine what if any rooms need painting to have a better flow to the home.
  • Furniture Placement – Using existing, purchasing or rental furniture if required.
  • Accessories – We add accessories to enhance and create a warm and inviting space.
  • Art & Lighting –Where required we determine if any light fixtures need replacing. This also applies to art in your home.

Exterior Staging

  • Declutter – We identify any front yard and back yard areas that require cleanup & decluttering.
  • Accessories – We add where needed items such as planters, new house numbers, painting that old mail box.
  • Curb Appeal – Simple landscaping work such as trimming, edging, add mulch etc.
  • Paint Colour Consultation – Touch up any rough areas, suggesting new colours for shutters etc.


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